Originally constructed for Riverbend Builders’ own personal tastes, this 2200 square foot home was a passion project for our team. Designed with comfort and functionality in mind, the exterior is a combination of reclaimed corrugated metal, pine siding, and frost protected slab on grade for the foundation. The pine siding is finished with a low maintenance wood burning technique adopted from Japanese tradition, called shou-sugi-ban, creating a rustic but striking finish that highlights the natural wood grain.

With walls nearly a foot thick, this house is meant to be as low-maintenance and high-efficiency as possible. 2×4 walls line the interior and exterior, allowing for blown-in cellulose insulation to fill the gap. The roof is designed to take advantage of passive solar with an exterior overhang on the south side allowing for winter sun while blocking summer rays. With radiant floor heating throughout the main level and a gas water heater, this is one of the most energy efficient homes we’ve ever constructed.

Riverbend Builders was also able to incorporate a variety of reclaimed materials from past builds and from a historic building. The dining room boasts a built-in bench and table, while the entryway displays a set of storage cubbies, all created from reclaimed materials. The railing in the loft juxtaposes a reclaimed fir rail with exposed nail holes with modern metal cabling. Perhaps the most unique reclaimed item in the home is a set of doors that were reclaimed from a historic building in Yellowstone National Park.