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Depending on a client’s needs, we are always pleased to recommend an architect or designer for their custom home build or renovation project. We work with the best architects in Bozeman and throughout Southwest Montana. We enjoy working as part of a highly qualified team to facilitate and streamline the home building process for our clients.

In our experience, working with talented architects and designers is a great opportunity for the client and ourselves. The results are remarkable when a team of professionals take a construction project from conception to completion. If you already have an architect in mind, we will be happy to work with them.

Planning and process

Home construction should start with examining a client’s needs now and in the future. Building a better home requires making smart design decisions and implementing them well, from the very beginning. We look beyond budget, schedule, and square footage to help our clients make a worthwhile investment for generations to come.


Architects and Designers

If you are an architect designing a home in Southwest Montana, and you aren’t yet familiar with Riverbend Builders, we’d love an opportunity to have a conversation during your contractor selection process.

We believe we have the capacity and reputation necessary to build your projects. We’d like to partner with you in the pre-construction phase, and add value that frees up your time and resources. We are happy to act as your permitting coordination liaison, and provide pricing input as design progresses.

We’ve worked with many talented architects and designers throughout Montana, we understand what you need, and are here to support your process. We recognize that most architects have a select group of builders they trust to build their projects and we would like the opportunity to earn our spot among them.


We coordinate every detail from site and lifestyle considerations to permitting, energy efficiency, and material selection.


We ensure that every new construction or remodeling project runs seamlessly and is a pleasant experience for the client.


As one of the first sustainable contracting companies in the area, we’ve honed our knowledge & skills over several decades.